About Us

We are a unique business in Inner Sydney catering to families with young children at long day care centres. Our aim is to provide healthy meals during the week for parents who are working long hours and then rushing to collect children and then provide a meal that satisfies and is also nutritionally balanced. With this in mind,we set out and are now providing frozen meals and also a Family fresh option as well.

Our meals are prepared just like you would at home with care and attention to detail. After the meals are prepared they are frozen and then delivered to your child care centre in the afternoon of the day that you request delivery. Or,for the fresh option, you choose the recipe you would like from our selection of easy to create family meals and we provide all your necessary ingredients. You can collect your box from your centre and the meal is ready to prepare without having to stop off at the supermarket. Our suppliers are local and we try to maintain balance with market prices for meat,chicken and fish. Our vegetables come from a local  supplier who is passionate about local produce so source it whenever they can.

A bit about the cook,I have over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry and the last ten
cooking for a long day care centre in Inner Sydney. I am passionate about providing natural,whole food meals to young children and their parents. Over the years I have read many, many articles, books and attended many courses to educate myself on the needs of young children and their nutritional requirements. I have written the menus for our centre for 9 years and they have been successful with lots of families asking for recipes and suggestions. I believe that the foods you give your children need to ba as natural and wholesome as possible and this in turn helps your children to grow up as balanced people who learn to become aware that what they eat really does make a difference to their lives.

This has led to the creation of our business, dinnersreadynow. We hope you are able to enjoy our meals and a more relaxing evening with your family.